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The “Horní Loděnice–Lipina wind park” Project

With its nine wind turbines this Project belongs to smaller European parks. Despite this, it is at present the biggest realised project in Moravia and the second biggest in the Czech Republic. The biggest European onshore wind parks consist of more than 100 wind turbines.

Projekt The Project preparation started in 2003. At the end of 2004, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) analysis notification was submitted and the whole EIA process finished in March 2006. Consequently, municipal development plans were changed, and zoning and building permission proceedings were carried out, finishing at the end of 2007. Infrastructure construction commenced in April 2008 and the construction of foundations for wind turbines, transformer station and cable routes began in summer 2008. In May and at the beginning of June 2009, the turbines were installed. In July 2009 trial operation commenced.

Vestas technology had been selected for the Project, namely the V90-2 MW type with rotor diameter 90 m and hub height 105 m. For complete information on the wind turbines used see section (Technology).

The wind turbines produce electric power with 30 kV voltage. It is then carried through a 9km long cable line to a newly constructed distribution centre in the town of Šternberk, where it is transformed from 30 kV to 110 kV and supplied to the distribution grid of ČEZ Distribuce a.s.

The wind park is operated by the Větrná energie HL s.r.o. company,
formed by detaching from the project developer – Větrná energie Morava s.r.o.

Complete development and technical preparation of the Project, as well as construction supervision was performed by the VENTUREAL company which at present also ensures the park operation.

The construction works within the park were carried out by the VV3 s.r.o. company, cable line was constructed by ADEN LP s.r.o. and the transformer station by Senergos a.s. Concrete was supplied from concrete plants in Olomouc and Mohelnice, gravel and sand from quarries in Dolní Benešov.

The Horní Loděnice-Lipina wind park consists of nine Vestas V90-2 MW wind turbines in total. Assumed annual production of the whole park is approximately 43 GWh of electric energy, which corresponds to the consumption of 12 300 Czech households. With expected 25-year operating life it means 1.075 million MWh of electric energy. This quantity could be produced by burning 1 075 000 tons of coal, which would mean generation of 2,7 million tons CO2, 2000 tons SO2, 1800 tons NOx, and 65 tons of fine dust. By-products formed within the incineration process and especially in desulphurisation of such a quantity of coal would weigh 300 000 tons. Further, the desulphurisation process requires limestone to be mined and processed, in this case it would be several hundred thousand tons.

Spared emissions have an impact on slowing down the global warming and improving environmental conditions. We must remember that Earth was only “lent” to us and our behaviour towards the environment has a direct effect not only on us but especially on our children and grandchildren. For the life of future generations it is necessary to follow principles of sustainable development, one of which is the RES utilisation.

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