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Technology of wind power plants

The wind turbine Vestas V90 – 2MW by Danish manufacturer is mounted on a tower with rotor axis 105 m high and rotor diameter being 90 m, with corresponding length of each blade being 44 m. The whole wind turbine is altogether 150 m high. The area of a circle covered by the blades is 6 362 sqm. The wind power unit starts to operate when the wind speed reaches 4 m/s and shuts down when the speed reaches 25 m/s. Shut-down is done by putting the blades at flag angle and supported by shoe brakes which stop the device immediately and lock it afterwards.


The groundwork of the wind turbine is made of reinforced concrete and covered by soil. Regular hexadecagon has the biggest diameter 16.4 m; the edge is 1.7 m thick and gets thicker towards the centre up to 2.7 m at the foot.











Thetower consists of 5 parts which are screwed together and to the foot which arises from the groundwork in the shape of polygon with 16m in diameter. The tower is made from bent plates which are welded. One tower weighs 225 tons. The total weight of one wind turbine is circa 335 tons. The diameter of the tower near the ground at the foot is 4.2 m and the tower gets thinner to 2.3 m. Metal plates in the lower part are 36 mm thick and get thinner to 14 mm in the upper part.






The wind turbine machine room is furnished with asynchronous generator and planetary gearbox, with a front gear and Vestas OptiSpeed® system to regulate rotation. The machine room weighs 68 tons and rated capacity is reached at wind speed of 13 m/s. The wind turbine starts to generate electricity when wind speed is 4.5 m/s and shuts down automatically when wind speed is 25 m/s (90 km/h) for safety reasons. The machine room dimensions are 9.5 x 3.5 x 4.2 m. The machine room is pointed into wind using servo motors. Thanks to permanent monitoring and analysis of wind direction and intensity the wind turbine gondola is swiveled automatically according to the current wind direction to use the maximum possible potential. There is also a converter with resultant voltage of 33kV.






Three-blade rotorweighs 36 tons. The blade is made of fiberglass fixed to supporting steel frame and is 44 m long. The width of the blade is circa 4 m at most and about 0.5 m at the tip. Inside the rotor there is a copper screen which serves to catch lightning and carry it down. The interior part of the rotor is hollow. The operational rotor rotations are in interval 9 to 14.9 rpm and the maximum speed of the rotor end is 70 m/s. The full operation is maintained for a wide band of wind intensity thanks to a pitch system swiveling the rotor blades according to the current wind intensity - Vestas OptiTip. 1/7 part of some rotors is painted red based on the requirement for air safety.

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