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Construction of necessary infrastructure
Construction work commencement - constructing access roads.

Excavation works
excavation for wind turbine foundations in bedrock

Foundation work commencement
First part of the foundation reinforcement

Completed foundation reinforcement prior to concreting
Each foundation contains approx. 52 t of reinforcing steel.

Foundation concreting
Approx. 440 m3 concrete was needed for one foundation.

Completed foundation
Completed foundation after formwork stripping

Completed wind turbine foundation
Prior to the wind turbine construction, the foundation was backfilled with soil.

Delivery of the wind turbine tower consisting of 5 segments.

Wind turbine nacelle weighing approx. 68 tons

Rotor blade transport. One blade is 44 m long.

Construction of the wind turbine tower

Installation of the nacelle, placed 100 m above the ground level

Wind park under construction
Aerial photos provided by ing Jaromír Jílek, Reving s.r.o.

Finishing roads and surrounding area

Completed wind park at sunset

Completed wind park

Transformer station
Transformer in a newly constructed 110/30 kV transformer station

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